One6 Motorsports teams up with PIC Performance (Power In Control)

One6 Motorsports is happy to partner with PIC Performance coilovers to bring another line of coilovers to market! We teamed up with PIC as the main dealer and also help in product development! The new PIC Performance coilover system for EG/DC/EK/EF/DA chassis is available in 3 options. The P2 (street), R3 (track), D1 (drag). All 3 coilovers run the same steel bodied shock with aluminum components to maintain strength while keeping them light! Each system comes standard with 16 way adjustable dampening. PIC Performance has been in business for over 15 years and lots of track testing has been done on each coilover system to ensure a great product. PIC Performance specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of high performance suspension components. They focus on supporting all levels of automotive enthusiasts – from everyday drivers to grassroots racers to high-end, full race cars. Our designs prioritize performance and functionality above all else.

Lightweight and strong 6061 aluminum mounts, locking collars and cups.

•pre-treated Japanese steel fully threaded shock bodies provide nearly infinite adjustment and corrosion resistance

•heat- and chemical-resistant Viton seals last longer and perform better over time than standard seals

•single-grade, high viscosity index (VI) shock oil resists viscosity changes during high stress use

•linear-rate springs made from cold-wound, shot-peened, pre-treated Japanese steel, epoxy coated for durability

PIC drag D1
10K front springs
18K rear springs
Pic drag D1
10K front spring
18K rear spring
PIC track R3
12K front springs
14K rear springs
PIC street P2
8K front springs
10k rear springs